Photos of PBR Streetgang for The Simple Weekender in 2015

Here are photos from our party on Friday, 21 August 2015 at Waterstock Meadow with PBR Streetgang, and support from Mark Dancer, Kristian Winslade, Man Of Science, Billy Disco, Jarvus, Seeger, Daniel Gascoyne, House Of Roots, Deep Cover DJs, Xavier ∆, David Shannon, Stav, Random Character, Masp, Effi Brooks, Sam Edney, Joel Kane, 1210 Zen, Dr Erbz, Merman, DJ D, Fridge & Bungle, Andy James, Dan Fraser, RhymeSkeemz, Sound Affect, Funk Soul Stu, Kostas G, The Dublings, Dutti B, Hollie May, Leon Sofroniou, Tom Baker, His Mate, Inflatable Dave, Mr. Tummus, Kieran-Alexis, Document One, Em Williams, ZAIA, DJ Lee, James Weston, MaxQuerade, Mac White and Tim Gore.

Photography by Kotched Out Productions.  Tag your friends, like and comment on these photos in the album on Facebook.


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