Photo of Midland

Through his productions, DJ sets and record labels, Midland's output comes across as unassuming and surprising in equal measure, subtle, refined and totally raucous.

As a Producer Midland’s style has nimbly evolved from one record to the next. From his debut release with Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman) “Your Words Matter” via “Trace” to his most recent EP “The Alchemy of Circumstance” he has explored a vast range of styles whilst managing to keep a core sound that is truly his own. In 2013 he started his label “Graded" to focus on releasing his own music, “Archive 01”, “Drumtrak” and “Blush” all followed. This was followed by the arrival of another label, ReGraded, in which he explored the art of sampling with “Double Feature” and culminating with the release of “Final Credits” a sleeper hit that went on to be voted Mixmag song of the year in 2016. His label InterGraded was launched in 2018 and focused on releasing music by new or emerging artists.

He has remixed, amongst others, Dua Lipa, The Chemical Brothers, St Vincent and Darkstar. He helped with the production on Jessie Wares's “Save A Kiss” alongside James Ford.

It is arguable however that he has made his most significant impact with the other side of his craft: DJing. Delivering his kaleidoscopic taste with a mixing technique that nods as much to his British lineage as it does to a smoother European style, he has distinguished himself with an ability to switch styles in a way that always feels totally natural. From the carpeted dance floors at Free Rotation, via regular slots at Berlin’s “Berghain” and “Panorama Bar”, Offenbachs’ “Robert Johnson”, Glastonbury’s “NYC Downlow”, San Francisco’s “Honey Soundsystem”, London’s “Fabric”, “Horse Meat Disco” and "Chapter 10" or any of his “All Night Long” sets at “Phonox” he is able to play in a way that shows a deep understanding of the space and what is needed to bring it alive. In the words of Resident Advisor “There’s a perfect record for every moment, and he usually has it”.

His recorded mixes have become word-of-mouth favourites and in 2016 he won “Essential Mix of the Year” for his entry into the series. In 2017 he recorded “Fabriclive94”, described by Pitchfork as “one of the year's best” and earned compilation of the year from Mixmag who featured him as their first cover of 2018. Fact Magazine said of the mix "Quietly, and without much fanfare, Midland has grown into one of the world’s best DJs. Fabriclive 94 is a testament to what makes him so great”.

The only takeaway from these accolades is that Midland is a man still exploring and honing his craft and one of the key reasons his ascent has never felt forced or manufactured.

Source: higher-ground.de/artists/midland