Photo of LCY

Now a staple of the avant garde of the UK club music scene SZNS7N label boss’s is world building and storytelling; writing stories and creating art to flesh out their sci-fi and fantasy narratives. Their sets are known to be dark and deconstructed whilst still paying deep homage to UK club music.

In 2019 LCY launched SZNS7N, a label and platform that puts its importance in creative collaboration and celebration. The label has released with artists such as MISFYA, Diessa, Teya Logos, NARA and Ship Sket and 4 years in still continues to focus on artists that push artistic boundaries.

Most recently, they released “He Hymns”with Fabric March 2023 and further releases of their productions are afoot in the near future.

In the last year they have played Unsound to Glastonbury to Bangface to Melt to name but a few whilst playing key clubs across Europe including Printworks, Fabric, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, C12, Blitz +++. They have also previously performed b2b's with the likes of Blawan, Lee Gamble, JASSS, Giant Swan and Yazzus.