James Weston

Photo of James Weston

Things started with an enthusiasm for rave keys and synths (okay, happy hardcore), circa '92/3. The Prodigy Experience dropped, a wide-eyed trip to an 'under-age rave' was made, and then upon hearing his first Sasha Essential Mix in '95 the course was set. Clubbing, gigging and with turntables by '96, James was amassing vinyl in crate quantities (yep) ready for Leicester uni, which saw his first 'stage' gig (no-one danced). Thinking about a path to success James participated in several competitions, one of which got him a personal call from Yousef to play a set at Circus in Liverpool (tick!).

In 2003/4 James had discovered Cowley Road in Oxford and it wasn't long before he got his first gig at Simple following a mix he gave Nick Gladwin. Having no crowd to bring to the table it was through sheer perseverance (dancing, loitering and helping at every event since), not to mention the odd radio and festival performance, that James has become an integral part of the Simple family where he gets his fix, in the mix, warming up for all colours of dance music legend. Today James versatilely plays the spectrum of house to techno, using a unique exhaustive method for researching and buying (yes, kids) new music, all with a distinctive jackin' tinge for good measure. "It's a body thing," Eddie Amador reliably informs us.

Source: www.jamesweston.co.uk/biography.html