Dr Banana

Photo of Dr Banana

Record connoisseur, label boss, and sleight-of-hand specialist – Dr. B promises a rabbit-hole record bag, labrador-like energy, and a light-hearted, left-field approach to the dance.

Dr.B’s roots are in UKG, growing a globally-recognised label slinging out toasty cuts from new producers and re-issues from the golden era, but this is just a slither of the London-born DJ’s eclectic collection. You only need to flick through his recent bumper to bumpers to see how far and wide he can go. Whether it’s meaty chunks of electro, techno, and minimal with Evan Baggs, cross-genre party starters alongside Bradley Zero, straight shellers with Interplanetary Criminal, or just throwing it down alone, he’ll bring a bag of belters whatever the weather, wherever the crowd.

After establishing himself as one of the UK’s most in-demand selectors, the London-born DJ has taken operations worldwide. From the floating intimacy of Berlin’s Hoppetosse to the sheer scale of Glastonbury, Fabric’s brutal brickwork to the iconic caverns of Kiev’s Art Club Closer and Mkvtvarse in Georgia – local, national, and global venues are the workshops for Dr. B’s versatile trotters.

If he’s not getting his stirling’s worth out of a treasured travel pillow, playing venues and festivals across the UK and beyond, you’ll find him shooting three-pointers, digging into next week, or kickin’ it in front of the box with a moderately-priced pho.

Source: ra.co/dj/drbanana/biography