DJ Spit

Photo of DJ Spit

Berlin’s DJ Spit has surfaced as the new exciting talent pushing for a hybrid set of sounds.

Geared towards drum and bass, techno and warehouse to drill and amen-infused breaks, Spit fills a gap between bass, garage and hi-tech industrial as can be seen in his recently launched podcast project ’Explorers’, which investigates the contemporary protagonists and music in these sub genres.

Curating beats to Resident Advisor, Possession and Pollerwiesen podcasts, other sets and appearances include Lobster Theremin, Rinse FM France and a residency at HÖR in Berlin. Spits most recent bookings comprise of Berghain’s Säule and Panoramabar, Kyiv’s ∄ as well as Lighthouse Festival, Draaimolen and Pitch Festival - Spit’s other spots online include a back-to-back set with VTSS (Q Club) and a session for Boiler Room.

Diving into the contemporary fields of rave, Spit launched Rascals Records in 2021, and ahead of founding the Verteiler label, he’ll continue to blaze a trail to the very extremes of club music.