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James Weston

Growing up listening to death the likes of The Prodigy, Björk, Genesis, BT, Fantazia, Portishead, Speedy J, Lionrock, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, The Orb, well... the list goes on, but you get the idea - it's James' love of music, a broad spectrum of genres which infuses his DJ sets with passion and depth.

Literally, the very moment James finished his A-levels he was eagerly putting together his bedroom DJ set-up to give his 10-strong vinyl collection its first play!  He began religiously listening to Pete Tong's Essential Selection and Essential Mix shows, but not wanting to get carried away dreaming of the apparent fame & fortune of a 'superstar DJ', James kept his feet firmly on the ground during his time at Leicester University crafting mix-tapes for mates and spinning the odd gig on campus and at house parties.

A couple of years after graduating with some 900-odd more records - House, Techno, Trance, Big-beat, Speed Garige (sic), you name it - James was invited by an old friend to some regular play at a relaxed Wednesday House affair in Aylesbury's Bar Med called FUNKtion.  It was here he became firm friends with the lovely Sisters in Sound, Amy & Emily.  James was picked up by a local agency while the girls moved to Oxford and soon found Simple.  Aylesbury's not too hot on music really so James was soon to follow in the wake of Em Williams, and inevitably found his home at Simple with its ethos much suited to his own - "it's simply about the music, the people, and having a fookin' rockin' party!"

Over his nine or so years of jockeying discs, Mister Weston, as Em likes to address him, has been involved in a series of fortunate coincidences - not least finding himself at Simple!  At the end of 2002, James entered Yousef's first DJ competition with a 30-minute mix-CD; to his overwhelming surprise he received a call from the man himself with news he'd won a set at Circus in Liverpool on Boxing Day.  In 2003, an old Uni housemate who co-founded asked James to warm up for their star-studded Festival of Dreams.  It would seem James was attracting some attention as in 2004, FM station RadioPluss in Norway requested a House mix to be broadcast on their show to break up their usual trance theme - thank goodness for budging the Judge!  In 2005, James' highlight was warming up for Lottie at Slide and then in 2006 it was representing Simple on Ministry of Sound Radio.  Since then James's residency at Simple has seen him DJ alongside a string of big names including Audio Bullys, Kissy Sell Out, Annie Mac, Tom Middleton, Erol Alkan and Digitalism to name a few.

To quote The Guardian - 'highly regarded purveyor of dirty, bass-laden house music.' - See more...

As to exactly what you can expect from one of James' DJ sets will vary depending on what time of night you catch him.  If you were to pigeon-hole him, his House selection is jackin', fidgety and techy, complete with some of those fashionable squelchy sounds.   However, expect the unexpected at Simple - he's been known to drop some Drum & Bass before now!  And don't be surprised if you find James jacking on the dancefloor beside you!

(First 2 photos) Photography by Claire Williams.



Please make all enquiries through James's contact page, thank you.

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